Handmade Challah Cover - Black, Gold &  White
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Handmade Challah Cover - Black, Gold & White

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One of a kind handmade challah (Jewish bread) cover.
This religious cloth is used to cover the braided loaves of bread (called challah bread) during Shabbat. Handmade challah cover adds uniqueness atmosphere to the Shabbat dinner table.
This design has a black, silver and white colors which give it a rich look and honorable feeling during the prayers and Shabbat dinner.
A great housewarming gift, a special gift for the Shabbat dinner.

Blessing on the cover(in Hebrew):

1. Shabbat Shalom - שבת שלום
2. Shabbat kodesh - שבת קודש
3. Shabbat v'yom tov - שבת ויום טוב

  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 45cm\40cm (17.7"\15.7")
  • Care: Dry cleaning


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