Weaving Stages

We start our weaving process by praying to god that will help us to put our heart in every tallit we weave. 
We pray for the success of the men or women who will enjoy our creations.

The first step in weaving is to put the warp threads on the loom. Of course we do it by hand.   
All the threads are being  rolled on the warping  wheel. We roll over 47 kilometer of threads!

The next step is tying the warp threads to the loom. We have to be careful not  to skip on one of the threads when we tie over 550 threads by hand.

After all the preparations the looms is ready. Now we can start weaving the talit using the weaving shuttle. We role the woof threads on the bobbin and simply take the shuttle for side to side in between the warp threads. 

While weaving the tallis we pray and sing so our creation is full of joy and love.

After the talit is finished we take it of the loom. We have to knit the atarah and 4 corners to the talit, and then comes one of the most important thing putting the tzitzit on the 4 corners of  the Talit.

After the long progress the Tallis is finally ready. We can feel the happiness of creating, and thank God for his kindness.


Weaving Stages - Tallis man