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Bucharian kippah - Gan Eden, Red

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This one of a kind Jewish man's Bucharian yarmulke (also called Kippah in Hebrew) is made of cotton. There are a matching tallit and bag that can be purchased with this yarmulke.
This design is in silver, cream, and blue colors. 
Purchase this yarmulke for a Jewish wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

  • Material: Cotton
  • Care: Use dry cleaning only

Customer Reviews

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Stefano Davide Bettera
Bucharian kippah

Very nice and well done.

Owen Donnelly
Great kippah. I'm not sure it exactly matc...

Great kippah. I'm not sure it exactly matches the one in the photo and it took a little bit of time before it was dispatched, but it's a handmade item and they did say on in the description that this might be the case. The quality is outstanding though.

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