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Tallit &Tefillin Bag Set

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A set of Tefillin and Tallit bags made of cotton.
This tefillin and tallit bags are bags to carry and to keep the tefillin (also called phylacteries) and tallit. The bags can be ordered with matching tallit and yarmulke.
The design of these bags is colorful with a combination of blue, gold, cream, and light blue. The bag is handwoven from fine cotton on traditional looms by Jewish men in Israel.
Purchase this elegant tefillin bag for yourself or as a Bar Mitzvah gift.

  • Dimensions:
  • Tefillin bag- 9.4"/9.4" - 24cm/24cm
  • Tallit bag - 13.7"/9.8" - 35cm/25cm
  • Materials: pure cotton
  • Care: Dry cleaning.

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